Surgical Gown

Level 3 Disposable SURGICAL GOWN Non-woven Tri-Layer SMMS STERILE



Disposable Level 3 Surgical Gowns Non-woven PE Coates SMMS

with Knitted Elastic Cuff

  • Level III surgical gown is sterilized
  • suitable for operating room, medical clinics, hospital ward, dental implants, inspection rooms, laboratories, ICU and CDC sites for important isolation of virus damage.
  • Heavy duty than the isolation gown with added layers of protection.
  • These gowns are breathable, elastic dust-proof isolation gowns. Long-sleeve to ensure comfortable all-day use. Easy to put on and take off. Reliable protection ensured with full body coverage, providing a barrier for transmission of microorganisms and other harmful substances including blood.
  • Can be used as an anti-dust jacket, clean-room garment, and protection against harmful germs, diseases, and viruses. Effectively isolate harmful substances.
  • Material consists of non-woven PE coated SMMSWhat is SMMS fabric definition?Spunbond and meltblown  are boiled down to spunmelt technology. SMMS nonwoven is short for (spunbond+meltblown+meltblown+spunbond nonwoven)  it is made up from 100% polypropylene resins after molten、extrude 、 draw and webbed onto a conveyor,wind up at length.

    SMMS fabric belongs a kind of  laminated nonwoven,it’s composited by two layers spunbond and two layers meltblown.As the same token,it can be combined two layers spunbond with one layer meltblown,called SMS fabric.The protrudent distinction between SMMS and SMS,that is SMMS nonwoven has better uniformity compared with SMS nonwoven,but both they are produced by in one step process.

  • Size – 3/4-length gown. One size fits most. (120cm cm x 140cm)
  • Color – Blue
  • Fabric – 45 GSM (metric measurement of the weight of fabric used) tri layer SMS material – Fluid proof and Anti-static and Anti-blood and urine and other bodily fluids during surgical procedures. Flame retardant and tear resistant.
  • Disclosure – Pants, face mask, head covering, and shoe coverings sold separately.
  • No Return Policy – Please note that due necessary health and safety precautions, all PPE products including these Disposable Gowns are final sale. These items are non refundable and non returnable. Shipping & handling is non refundable. Any shipping delays are fully responsible by shipping courier.




ISO 13485



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